Board Meeting – January 7, 2024

Call to order @ 7:07

Previous meeting notes: correcting a 2022 to 2023 for annual show.

Minutes have been approved, unanimously.

Financial report

  • Made about $2000 on bake sale + quilt
  • Made $3200 on tickets!
  • Note: Neil needs to be asked to handle the BHS audit.
  • Sid will get a rough estimate of finances for Denver, this will inform how much moolah to put in the angel fund.
    • Eric Maine will be willing to donate his fundraising abilities when this comes around.

Motion to receive financial report, approved.


  • Steve called with John Curtis this afternoon, he will no longer be with the chorus 🙁
  • He is still more than happy to make himself available for the posters and flyers and stuff!
  • But all in all… We don’t have a marketing dude anymore 🙁

Communication report

  • Kimball got some details to fill in the calendar…
  • If you need to get anything on the calendar, let Kimball know!

Music team report

  • Doing our “Year of Applying” this year
  • New rep is on Discord!
  • Show title is “great american songbook”, proposed date is June 8th.
  • Will is the assistant director now 🥳
  • We would like to have Steve Scott and Cy Wood
    • Motioned and passed
  • Quartet extravaganza this year! Bob and Ken will spearhead. Suggestion early September or late July.
    • Idea of getting youth quartets involved: propose to the highschools to send quartets

Membership report

  • Aaron will reach out to old members and encourage current membership to invite via word of mouth.
  • Brian Connolly might be paying twice… Aaron will reach out.
  • EVG has a new member orientation for Aaron to use as a template.

Christmas show review:

  • Future opportunities from reviews
    • People missed the ‘fun’ of the Chordsmen
    • People wanted more from Chordsmen
    • People didn’t get enough barbershop
    • People want Hallelujah chorus!
    • However, the majority of reviews were extremely positive.
  • Suggest we consider more than $10.
  • Want to poll the guys on the show, and specifically doing the show with Star Harmony.
    • Goal is to determine the future relationship of Chordsmen + Star Harmony
    • Steve and Will will create the questions.
  • Suggestion: do two Xmas shows with each group, have each show be for one chorus and featuring the other chorus.

Board structure discussion

  • We’d like to have at-large members.
    • Proposal to bring to the membership “hey we’d like to expand the board by one person via member at large. Here’s who we’re thinking about”.
    • Propose this as a two-year gig, next year we add one more, so in the future we have two numbers.
  • Thinking of succession for Music VP and Youth Festival in the next year.
  • Need to fill in Marketing position… (Eric Maine?)
  • Want to add Dennis as the “Grant Writer” board position

Sid has a proposal to maybe take Twin Falls under our board structure. He will find more info on this.

We need a fourth riser for the center…

  • Ideally take it to a welding place, Dave will handle it.


  • Time to start sending blasts out!
    • Newsletter
    • Flyer
    • Facebook post
    • Quartet getting-out initiative (a la IPA)

Discussion items for future:

  • What should Chordsmen wear?
    • Sounds like a t-shirt mode, polo mode, and formal mode would be best
  • How can we give back to Cloverdale?

9:07pm we’re done!