After Action Review: Spring 2024 Retreat

What happened?

  • Exactly what we planned!
  • Times were adjusted slightly, but we accomplished what we set out to do.

What went well?

  • Focus from the guys was great!
  • Guys were willing to share their thoughts/opinions for discussions.
  • Guys were willing to explore
  • Vowel chart application to Ruled the World exercise
  • Guys listening
  • Some parts were messy and had failures (quartetting exercise + performance), but guys had fun
  • Variety was great, energy warmups really helped
  • Watching videos together
  • Having the retreat minute-by-minute similar to our rehearsals was very handy

What could be improved?

  • Technique transfer from Saturday’s warmups
  • Getting on the same page before rehearsal starts (for directors. There was some minor dissonance on how to run some time blocks)

Thoughts for moving forward:

  • Record guys with video, watch with no audio at home.
  • More dance party warmups 🙂
  • Need sectional time in next few weeks
  • Directors will plan performance contest stuff and introduce that in August. Guys are ready for risers on Sept10.

This AAR was done by the Director team (Will Scott, Zach Groeblinghoff, Eric Maine) immediately after Saturday retreat concluded.