The Boise Chordsmen’s journey to the International Chorus Contest – Almost !!

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October 10, 2019 - 12:00pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

It all began on April 4th, 1957 when the Boise Chapter was first chartered. From there I only remember from 1990 on.

When I arrived Rich Lapp was our director until he left to raise a family and Gabe Caretto came.

And then Gabe left and Andy Maddox came, but then he left and Gabe came back (yes with his potato suit).

Oh, and then he left and Rich Lapp came back.

And then some young whipper snapper from Seattle came when Rich retired and moved away. He came with some new ideas and some techniques we had not seen before. One of his ideas was for the chorus to NOT sound like an “old man” chorus. And by golly he transformed this chorus into a mighty singing machine.

Yes, Ian Kelly came with a bunch of new techniques and a mindset that things were going to continue to rise for the Boise Chordsmen. And boy have we been on a rise.

When Boise hosted the Division V convention in 2017, Joe Connelly, a judge at the chorus contest told the Chordsmen, that if we didn’t qualify for International the next year, he would finally cave in, get a Facebook account and publicly make fun of us.

We did get an invitation in 2018, but could not get enough men to commit – BUT - our chance surfaced again in 2019!!

The Chordsmen were so very charged up that we could represent the Evergreen District as the “mike testing” chorus at the Salt Lake City International this past July. And to get a standing ovation was so awesome and incredible.

Here is our "Boise Song" from the International Convention in Salt Lake City:


Personally I have had several “Gold Medal” moments in my Barbershop life; however singing on the International Stage has topped them all for me and I’m sure many others. There are tons of things to be proud of, however if there were only one thing to be proud of, it’s that the Boise Chapter has taught thousands of people that there is no “Z” in BOISE!

It's great to be a Barbershopper!

It's great to be a Chordsman!

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